Back to School on January 10th!

Click here for more information on reopening policies and safety protocols.
1. When will the school reopen? 

AUPP High School-Foxcroft Academy has been reopened for in-person classes since Monday, November 15, 2021.

2. What are the safety measures in place on campus? 
  • Separate entrance for HS students (back of building) 
  • Temperature check and hand sanitizer at main gate and at building entrance 
  • Scan StopCovid QR before entering campus 
  • Classrooms are set up with social distancing for maximum number of allowed students in one  room as per MoEYS and MOH guidelines 
  • Reminders on 3 do’s and 3 dont’s visible all around campus 
3. What do students need to do before coming back on-campus? 

All AUPPHS students, teachers and staff will be required to submit the AUPP Covid Health Declaration Form (HDF) online daily if they plan to come to campus. This is recommended to be completed before coming to campus. The online version may be found here: AUPP Covid Health Declaration Form (HDF)

Entry to the Campus will be dependent upon the Color Code resulting from answers to the  HDF questionnaire. 

  • Red: No Entry 
  • Orange: Further assessment by AUPP Nurse to determine if student will be allowed entry or not 
  • Green: Allowed Entry 

All students AUPPHS ID card will be provided with a QR code linked directly to the HDF. Printed copies can also be filled out manually at the entrance to campus, in case the student has challenges with the online HDF.

The ID’s will be handed to the students on the first day of in-person classes, prior to entering the building.

4. Is there a schedule for drop-off and pick-up of students on campus? 

Students should be dropped off a minimum of 15 minutes before the beginning of their first class. Students, or parents dropping off, may enter campus from either the front or back gate. They will then make their way to the building entrance designated for the High School as shown on the map below: 

Scheduling provides for different times in which students finish their last class. Therefore, the students will need to coordinate their pick up times with parents. This schedule has already been sent to parents.  Should you have any questions on this, please contact the HS Admin. 

5. Do students need to be fully vaccinated before returning to campus? 

It is currently not required for High School students to be fully vaccinated before joining in- person classes, but it is highly recommended. 

6. Are all faculty and staff of AUPPHS vaccinated? 

Yes, all faculty and staff are required to be fully vaccinated before returning to campus. 

7. Will the canteen be open? 

The canteen is currently still not allowed to operate but a space by the High School floor has been set-up with tables where students can have lunch. Students may also have their lunch at their desks. We encourage all students to bring their own lunch / snacks as well as drinking water bottles to school. A water dispenser will be available on the High School floor for the convenience of students.

8. Does my child need to bring anything when back on-campus? 

Besides normal school supplies, we recommend students also carry the following in their backpacks: 

  1. Hand sanitizer/wet tissue
  2. A bottle of water or water bottle
  3. An extra mask 
  4. Vaccination card (if applicable) 
9. What happens if my child feels unwell or presents with Covid19 symptoms while on campus?

Your child will be attended to and cared for by the AUPP nurse and brought to the designated  isolation area in AUPP.  Parents will be immediately contacted to pick-up their child and MOH  hotline 115 will also be informed of the positive case. 

10. Can I still participate in campus activities?

Yes, you will be required to wear a mask during the activity and follow safety protocols. 

11. Will my instructor or other students have access to my vaccination status?

No. The information is confidential.

12. I am not taking any in-person classes. Do I need to complete the Health Declaration form?

Even if you are taking classes online, you will need to complete the health declaration form prior to participating in any in-person university activities, such as meeting with a staff member, visiting the library, or attending a campus event, so we encourage you to complete the form now. If you are not attending any AUPP classes or activities in person, you do not need to submit a health declaration form.

13. What is the consequence of providing false vaccination status information?  

The safety of our students and employees is our top priority. Intentionally providing incorrect information may result in progressive disciplinary action, up to and including student conduct violations or termination of employment.

14. If I am vaccinated, are there other precautions I still need to take?  

Vaccines do not provide 100% protection against COVID-19, and the efficacy length is still unknown. All individuals should follow health and safety protocols consistent with their level of risk. 

15. If a person tests positive for Covid-19 are they still required to notify the university?  

Yes, the university Nurse will continue to follow up with those who’ve tested positive for COVID-19 and assist the Covid Response Team to ensure appropriate contact tracing within the college community.